The Psychology of BDSM

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The Psychology of BDSM & Rope Bondage


The Psychology of BDSM & Rope Bondage is a book written by Sin in 2019 about why we enjoy adult games. What drives our sexual urges, fantasies and libidos? What motivates us to indulge in domination and submission play? What makes us sadistic or masochistic? Why do we like to tie our partners, or be restrained ourselves?

With so many becoming increasingly interested to enter the kink, fetish, sadomasochism and rope bondage; Kinbaku/Shibari scenes, The Psychology of BDSM & Rope Bondage explores who we are, why we seek these adventures, dangers and warning signs, advice and techniques, and how to use our emotional intelligence to maximise our potential enjoyment, while minimising the risks.

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