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Commercial Photographer and amateur Kinbakushi, and a master of what is called "chain rope style."


Photographer. Kinbakushi

Alternate Names

Siva(Japanese), †Siva†, Shiba


1983: Learns[1] the handed down kinbaku practice of "koyashi"[2] from Katanosaka.

2013: Starts a class on "Ganjigarame" at Milky Way that lasted until August.

2013: Starts the "Ganjigarame Complete Capture Club" at Bar -UBU-.

Interesting points

Siva's bondage is known for the heavy use of the chain stitch. Name changed from Siva to Shiba in 2011.

Selected Works


  1. At the time, Siva did part time work as a "wearer of classical Japanese clothes" at AV shoots.
  2. Crafter connected to temporary small theaters held at playhouses and circuses. A Koyashi originally tied actors and dancers in theater.

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