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Araki (荒木) family name, Nobuyoshi (経惟) first name

Nobuyoshi Araki is a prolific fine-art photographer known for his erotic works and bondage photography.

Nobuyoshi Araki



Alternate Names

荒木経惟 (Japanese)


Nobuyoshi Araki

1940: Born in Tokyo.

Interesting points

Araki publishes with foreign publishers and artistically self-censors his work to get around Japanese censorship laws.

Selected Works

Photo Collections
  • Araki: Bondage (Taschen)
  • Kinbaku Nobuyoshi Araki (Jablonka Galerie)
  • Nobuyoshi Araki Complete Photo Collection 14: Obscenities and Strange Black Ink Stories
  • Araki (Taschen, 2002)[※ 1]
  • KaoRi Love (eyesencia, 2007)
  • Tokyo Kinbaku (Vice, 2007)
  • Araki by Araki (Taschen, 2014)[※ 2]


  • Arakimentary (2005) Appearance by Beat Takeshi Kitano.


In 2018, KaoRi, a long term model for Araki, came forward to share her experiences about the exploitative working relationship Araki had with her. "Medium" published an English translation of KaoRi's accusations. In the same year, "Huffington Post" published an article that expands on KaoRi's story, and "Mainichi Shinbun" also publishes an article commenting on it. Takashi Okimoto, editor of "PHOTO GRAPHICA" magazine and who has collaborated with Araki, posted in Facebook that his evaluation of Akraki's work will not change, and that this issue is between Araki and KaoRi.[1] As of 2022, Araki appears to have made no public response to KaoRi's account.


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