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Reika (嶺花) family name, Milla (ミラ) first name

Milla Reika


Kinbakushi, Mistress

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1984:(c) Born in Australia.

2009: Begins residing in Osaka, Japan in March.

2010: Commences working at "SM Bondage Bar MATRIX" as an apprentice mistress and kinbakushi in November. Attends regular workshops run by Shishiwaka (Ichinawakai).

2011: Given the name "Reika" which takes the Kanji character "嶺"from her mentor and owner of MATRIX.

2012(c): Takes over management and operation of "SM Bondage Bar Matrix" from owner and her mentor Takamine Ren.

2013: "SM Bondage Bar MATRIX" is closed on April 26th.

2013: Attends the 10th Annual Shibaricon as an instructor and performer in Chicago.

2013: Attends the Sydney Rope as an instructor and performer in Australia.

2014(c): Opens Senkaku Studio (originally named Nymphetamine) and begins running regular kinbaku nights and events.

2015(c): Joins as a member of Cirque Shibari world performance tour (cancelled due to unforseen circumstances).

2021: Launches new Kinbaku video series "Kinbaku Diaries."

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Performances and Events

2011: Mar. Debut performance at the renowned Kujo OS strip theatre in Osaka.

2013: Apr 18. Performs at "Entrance to Pain in Osaka Vol. 3" with Ranki Kazami.

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