Kiyoko Yamahara

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Yamahara (山原) family name, Kiyoko (清子) first name

Kiyoko Yamahara modeled for Kitan club in the 1960s and became popular for her strong sadistic side.

Kiyoko Yamahara



Alternate Names

山原清子 (Japanese)


1942(c): Born.

1964: Mail order photos go on sale from December 1964 until July 1966.[※ 1]

1964: Yamahara appears in Takashi Tsujimura's "Camera Hunt" in the December issue of Kitan Club.

1965: The Kiyoko Yamahara fan club holds its first symposium in Osaka on June 27th. Minoru Yoshida and Takashi Tsujimura are among the 18 people who attended.[※ 2]

1965: Shigeru Kayama attended the "Kiyoko Yamahara Tattoo Finishing Party" sponsored by Kitan Club.

1965: The Kiyoko Yamahara fan club holds its second symposium and SM play viewing party.[※ 3]

1971: A visit to Yamahara's snack bar is mentioned in a Salon Garakuki article.

Interesting points

Kiyoko Yamahara

Yamahara is tattooed across her back and thighs.

In the October 1969 issue, "From the Editors" says "Yamahara settled into being a madam at a 'snack bar'."

Selected Works


Tying a Beautiful Tattooed Woman in "Camera Hunt" (Kitan Club, Dec 1964) p190

Takashi Tsujimura and Kiyoko Yamahara Discussion Banquet (Kitan Club, Jan 1966) p198

A Fantasy Evoked by Kiyoko Yamahara (Kitan Club, Feb 1969)

Women Torment and Tattoo by Kiyoko Yamahara (Kitan Club, Sep 1973)

Photography at Mr K's Residence (Kitan Club, Jan 1965) Bondage: Takashi Tsujimura. Model: Kiyoko Yamahara.

Photo Books

Utsukushiki Imashime #7 - Voluptuous Kinbaku "Seeking the Appeal of Tattoos" (1966)

Image Gallery


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Shigeru Kayama・Akiko Suzuki・Takashi TsujimuraMinoru Yoshida

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