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緊縛大全 (Japanese)



The Complete Book of Kinbaku - Sadistic Play of Bondage is an erotic photo book with several articles and excerpts on the subject of bondage.


Author: Oniroku Dan

Photographer: Kishin Shinoyama

Bondage: Hiroshi Urado

Illustrations: Akira Uno

Publishers and Editors

Publisher: Haga Shoten (Haga Publishing)

Publication Date


Photo Contents


(Printed in English)

Fashion in bondage A

Married woman's daydream

Agonizing lady in white

Carapace style Bondage at a garden

Writhing in the bathroom

High-school girl running away on the grass

Bondage at the night-duty room

Bondage in a toilet

Tight-binded woman in storehouse

Fashion in Bondage B


Tattooing in the sun

Self-binded pleasure of a man in woman's clothes

Virginal lady pillowed outdoors

Intoxication on the operation table

Radical student in torture

Sacrifice on the rock

Bondage on seats

Crucified lady in the lumber mill


Tragic sean in a gym

Secret moan on the bed

Binding voluptuous Geisha

Bondage of woman's gambler

Samurai-daughter in agony

Chastising a maiden in Kimono

Articles and Excerpts


Poem by Shin Shimaoka

Excerpt from "Flower and Snake"

Miscellaneous Thoughts on Kinbaku by Oniroku Dan

Maniac Voices

Western Kinbaku Preferences

Various Comments on Kinbaku - Seiu Ito etc.

Kinbaku Glossary

Interesting points

Kinbaku Taizen means "Complete Book of Kinbaku."


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