Kenshiro Kasumi

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Kasumi (霞) family name, Kenshiro (ケンシロウ) first name

Kinbakushi at Hojo Kinbaku STUDIO Bijo



Alternate Names

霞ケンシロウ (Japanese)


Born in Chiba.

Learns kinbaku while in high school.

Makes debut in kinbaku in the opener of an adult movie.

2006: After a 20 year break, resumes kinbaku activities.

2008(c): Starts a kinbaku class for beginners.

Interesting points

Performances and Events

2014: Nov. Supervises the first annual "Rope People Association" event at Nanchatte BAR Niwa.[※ 1]

Selected Works


References (※)

  1. Appearances by Ryo, YAGIE&Rie, Haru Tenma, Hanji&Kaede and Kenshiro Kasumi&Mio.

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