Hideo Furusho

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Furusho (古正) family name, Hideo (英生) first name

Illustrator active in SM magazines in the 1950-70's.

Hideo Furusho. Gaho Fuzoku Kitan magazine, March 1961


SM illustrator

Alternate Names

古正英生(Japanese), 古庄英生 (alternate spelling)


Interesting points

In From Kitan Club to Uramado, Chimuo Nureki says, "Hideo Furusho took on everything without hesitation, producing things with a strange and interesting flavor."

Selected Works

  • Rope and Woman - Picture Collection (1970) Edited by Tankikai.

  • Hikaru Iwahori's Celadon - Osaka Castle Picture Scroll (Fuzoku Soshi, Aug 1953) p164.
  • Ichiro Toyota's Mysterious Pink Thief (Uramado, Sep 1959) Gravure.
  • Shigeyoshi Yamada's Mercy of Blind Love (Uramado, Jan 1955)

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