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Ijuin (伊集院), Go (剛)

Go Ijuin is a "collective name" in that it does not belong to any particular person of note in the Japanese SM world. Rather, it is a pen name which has been used over time by various individuals and usually more than one person at a time. It seems to have originated in the early 1980s at U-Production, the company founded by Genji Nakamura. Director Ryuichi Hiroki has gone by this name, as has director Hitoshi Ishikawa, and it is believed that others may have used the name in some of their pink film work as well. Shikou Shima seems to have been associated with the name when he worked at U-Production in the early 80s in his capacity of kinbakushi and seme-shi (master of torment).


Kinbakushi, Director

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伊集院剛 (Japanese)


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