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Hayashi (林) family name, Gekko (月光) first name, (1923-1998)

Gekko Hayashi is a prolific SM illustrator whose career spanned over 40 years in both vanilla and SM genres and who is famous for his illustrations of gay men.




Alternate Names

林月光 (Japanese), Gojin Ishihara, Toru Ishihara (real name)



1923: Born in Hikawaguntaishamachi in Shimane prefecture.

1938: Submits drawings of stars to movie magazines, and after winning an award, Hayashi is inspired to become a painter.[※ 1]

1941: Travels through Manchuria. Illustrates movie signs.

1946: After the war, Hayashi returns to Shimane, where he works in sign painting and street theater.[※ 1]

1947: Joins the Tokyo Advertising Arts Company.

1953: Resigns from the company and becomes a freelance illustrator.

1955(c): Due to ill health, Hayashi begins working as a book illustrator.

1955: Illustrates for Meisei and Heibon magazines.

1970(c): As work becomes scarce, Hayashi begins to write for SM magazines, gay magazines and adult magazines under the name Gekko Hayashi.

1974: Hayashi is in charge of illustration for "Sabu" magazine at its founding.

1970s: At the end of the decade, Hayashi breaks into gay erotic art in June magazine.

2022: Hayashi's art is featured in the "Homme Fatales" exhibition at Vanilla Gallery.

Interesting points

Hayashi was active in the realms of kamishibai street theater, movie signs, Kasutori magazines, study magazines, youth magazines, performing arts magazines, newspaper stories, gekiga comics, advertising and American comics.

Selected Works

Yagyu Jube (Holiday Comics 23, Aug 1971)

Nazoki Bacchan (Osukashinsha, 2004)

Erotic Art of Gekko Hayashi (TACO Ché, 2005)

Gay Erotic Art in Japan vol.2 (Pot Publishing, 2006)

Blooming Boys Love Play - Gekko Hayashi aka Gojin Ishihara Picture Collection (Kawade Shobo, 2022)

Image Gallery


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