Gaho Fuzoku Kitan

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画報風俗奇譚 (Japanese)

Gaho Fuzoku Kitan


Gaho Fuzoku Kitan was an SM magazine which covered an extensive variety of fetishes from Japanese SM to foreign bondage to hojojutsu to male eroticism.

Publishing Dates


Publishers and Editors

Publisher: Bunkan Shiryo Kankokai

Editor: Hajime Takakura


Gaho Fuzoku Kitan. July 1961.

1960: First issue published in December 1960.

1960: John Willie Picture Collection appears in the November issue.

1960: December issue features a gallery of hojojutsu forms.

1960: Seiu Ito Seme-e Collection is published in December issue.

1961: April cover features art by Franz Von Bayros.

Interesting points

Sold as a separate volume to Fuzoku Kitan magazine.

Sold also under the names Gaho Fuzoku Kitan Special Issue, Gaho Fuzoku Kitan Hizoban and Hizoban Fuzoku Gaho etc.

Selected Works

John Willie Picture Collection (Nov 1960)

Adventures and Surrenders of Gwendolyn (May 1961)

Gwendolyn's Surrender (Aug 1961)[1]



  1. "Nutrix Corner" article with English subtitle "New Adventures of Sweet Gwendolyn."

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