Fumiyo Kinukawa

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Kinukawa (絹川) family name, Fumiyo (文代) first name

Fumiyo Kinukawa is a SM model who appeared in photos as both sadist and masoschist.

Fumiyo Kinukawa



Alternate Names

絹川文代 (Japanese)


1958: Debuts as a SM model in the July issue of Kitan Club.[1]

Interesting points

Kinukawa was also a strip dancer.

Selected Works

  • Kiyoshi Kobayashi. Thoughts about Kinbaku Model Fumiyo Kinukawa (Kitan Club, Aug 1960)
  • Kiyoshi Kobayashi. Twenty Questions and Answers with SM Queen Fumiyo Kinukawa (Kitan Club, Nov 1960)
  • Taro Osaka. To Fumiyo Kinukawa - Beautiful Face as Model (Jul 1963)
  • Black Rope Takatekote Pole Torment (Feb 1964)
  • Mayumi Yoshino. Album Biographies (Kitan Club, May 1964) p162
  • Isamu Onoda. A Detailed Discussion of the Beauty of Female Kinbaku - The Fascinatingly Beautiful Fumiyo Kinukawa (Jun 1973) p178
  • Masochistic Photo Series - Spanking (Kitan Club, Apr 1974)
  • Part-Timing in Pleasure and Pain (Kitan Club, May 1974)

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