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Kasuga (春日) family name, Akira (章) first name, (1926-2011)

Akira Kasuga is an SM illustrator also known as "Do Shoichi."

Akira Kasuga


SM illustrator

Alternate Name(s)

春日章 (Japanese), Do Shoichi (堂昌一)


From A Flower's Disgraceful Behavior.

1926: Born in Tokyo.

Interesting point(s)

Akira Kasuga illustrated for SM magazines including SM Fan, SM Select, SM Kitan. SM Club, SM Spider, and Uramado.

Selected Works

Photo Collections
  • Expressions of Aesthetics (Tanbikan, 1969). A collection of SM illustrators.
  • Akira Kasuga - Fascinating Picture Collection (Green Door Bunko, 1993)

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