Torment Research

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責の研究 (Japanese), Seme no Kenkyu

Cover (1950)


In Torment Research, Seiu Ito covers various topics around bondage, torture, and beauty.


Seiu Ito

Publisher and Editor

Seiu Ito

Publication Dates

1928, 1950


One of the many places the word "kinbaku" appears (as a verb). p122

1928: Self-publishes Torment Research, which is banned by the authorities.[citation needed]


Chapters include:

The Beauty of Black Hair

On Lewd Insects

Man Who Likes to be Bound

Actress Subjected to Snake Torture

The Nature of a Photographer Who Photographs Scenes of Torment.

My Experience with an Upside Down Suspension

On Monster Hair

Why Have I Researched Scenes of Women in Torment?

Torment Categories with Descriptions

Interesting Points

Printed in the "sewn book" style.


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