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Kashii (枷井) family name, Katsuya (克哉) first name

Katsuya Kashii was a photographer in the 1970s-80s. Old member of Kinbiken.

From "Kaigo no Hana" photo group (1979).


Photographer, Writer.

Alternate Names

枷井克哉(Japanese), Miki Asano (浅野美樹), Kan-ichiro Yutaka (豊幹一郎), Kanji Inada (稲田乾二)


1976: Meets with Chimuo Nureki. Main cameraman of Chimuo Nureki in 1970's-1980's.

1976: Photo group "Kaigo no Hana" premiers at Hakkaen on November 14th as a sub-meeting of KPC led by Kashii who participates as a member. Jun Fukami models.

1977: The sixth meeting of "Kaigo no Hana" is held at Togeki Studio on April 2nd.

1979: Starts to use the name Katsuya Kashii.

1981: Does color photos for the February issue of SM Graffiti.[1]

Interesting points)

Photographer who worked with Chimuo Nureki.

Kashii was a bee hive fan and liked candle play.

Selected Works


  1. Katsuya Kashii's name here is spelled "枷井克也".

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