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Maruo (丸尾) family name, Suehiro (末広) first name

Suehiro Maruo is an illustrator well known for his depictions of graphic violence and eroticism.

Suehiro Maruo



Alternate Name(s)

丸尾末広 (Japanese)


The Case of the Murder on D. Hill

1956: Born in Nagasaki on Jan 28th.

1980: Makes his debut as a manga artist with "Ribboned Snake Girl."[1]

1981: Illustrates "Natural Beauty", "Blood and Roses", "Extreme Pain Play" etc. in Manga Dokkirigo.

1983: Illustrates "Heathen Delight" in Feb issue of S&M Sniper magazine.

Interesting point(s)

Contributed to manga magazine Garo.

Illustrated for stories by Edogawa Ranpo.

Influenced by Kasho Takabatake and Hikozo Ito.

Selected Works

  • The Case of the Murder on D. Hill. Story by Edogawa Ranpo
  • Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show (1984)
  • Strange Tale of Panorama Island (2008) Story by Edogawa Ranpo
  • Shinseki SM Gaho (Asahi Sonorama, 2000)

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  1. Title also credited as "Knight of the Ribbon".

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