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Nawapedia is an online encyclopedia of Japanese bondage and related kinky activities. Our goal is to provide useful and accurate information covering Japanese bondage and to make it available to a wider audience.

Nawa means "rope" in Japanese, and Nawapedia focuses primarily on Japanese bondage artists, entertainers, events and media.

Currently, Nawapedia is translating Japanese language material from its sister site SMpedia, as well as providing its own English language material. Because of the language barrier, much of this information has been inaccessible to the majority of non-Japanese enthusiasts interested in the subject. Providing this information is possible only with the generous help of volunteer staff and translators. We are always grateful for help. If you would like to assist us, please contact the Administrator at

We are also open to original scholarship, provided it is related to Japanese SM (or Japanese bondage in the global context) and follows the Nawapedia format. We discourage anyone from using this site to write entries about themselves or entries that contain self-promotion.

All questions or comments may be sent to Nawapedia at

Thank you for visiting Nawapedia.