How to Tie Course (Marai)

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縛り方講座 (Japanese)


How to Tie Course is an instructional book/DVD series created by Masato Marai.


Author: Masato Marai

Models: Ai Wakana, Maria Ono. Sayuri Seya[1]

Publishers and Editors

Publisher: Myway Publishing

Publication Date

Volume 1 (2012)

Volume 2 (2013)

Vol.1 Introduction Edition

  • Warning
  • Basic Tying Methods
  • Hands Behind Tie #1
  • Hands Behind Tie #2
  • Additional Rope for Hands Behind Tie
  • How to Use Up the Rope Ends
  • One Rope Crotch Binding
  • Variation of Crotch Binding
  • Braided Crotch Binding
  • How to Attach a Rotary Vibe
  • How to Attach a Vibrator
  • Arms Extended Behind Tie
  • Live Play Kinbaku Photos
  • Beast Tie
  • Legs Open in Letter M Shape
  • Sitting Cross-Legged Tie
  • Diamond Binding
  • Anal Discipline
  • How to Grab Hair
  • Live Play Kinbaku Photos

Vol.2 Application Edition

  • Cautionary comments
  • Hands Behind Tie
  • Strict Prawn Suspension
  • Four Limbs Suspension
  • Arms Behind Tie
  • On One's Back One Leg Up Suspension
  • Opened Hidden Crotch Binding
  • Underarms Exposed Tie
  • Hands Entwined in Front of the Body Tie
  • Domestic Animal Tie
  • Bound Bamboo Pole Tie
  • Tanuki Tie
  • Hands High in Back Tie[2]
  • Rifle Tie


  1. Name spelled 瀬谷小百合. Pronunciation needs confirmation.
  2. Spelled takategote, not takatekote.

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