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Moriyama (森山) family name, Daido (大道) first name

Daido Moriyama is a renowned photographer known for his coarse and indistinct black and white photography.

Daido Moriyama



Alternate Name(s)

森山大道 (Japanese)


From Kagero

1938: Born on Oct 10th in Osaka.

1967: New Artist Award from the Japan Photo Critics Association

1970: First solo exhibition, Scandal, in Tokyo.

1972: Publishes Kagero, A photo book that includes nude bound women.

1983: Photographer of the Year Award from the Photographic Society of Japan

2003: Mainichi Art Award

2004: Der Kulturpreis (The Cultural Award) der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Photographie

2004: Lifetime Achievement Award from The Photographic Society of Japan

2008: Publishes Kagero&Colors, an oversize phonebook with color images not shown in Kagero.

2012: ICP Infinity Award, Lifetime Achievement

2018: L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, Chevalier

2019: The Hasselblad Foundation, International Award in Photography

Interesting point(s)

Selected Works

  • Kagero『カゲロウ』(1972)
  • Kagero&Colors『カゲロウ アンド カラーズ』(2008)
  • Asano. Miscellaneous Impressions on Kinbaku Photos. (Kitan Club, Dec 1971) Mentions Daido.


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